Not a Narrow Escape; it was God!


Nigerian rising artist, Iyanya Mbuk was scheduled to be on the Dana aircraft McDonnell Douglas (MD-83) that crashed at Iju, Lagos, on Sunday, but he escaped death when he refused to get on the plane.

He had no meaningful reason to not have been on Dana plane that crashed. “I don’t think I had an authentic reason to stay back in Abuja. I just came up with an excuse that I wanna go to the studio in Abuja,” he wrote on his Twitter page.

Hello Iyanya, You will be doing a great wrong if you think you were lucky….it was mercy that covered you up. Jesus loves you!!!

But thank God he got it right when he added that “It took me 30 minutes to convince my manager that we should stay back in Abuja. When it’s not your time, It’s not yours. God is great!!!”


2 thoughts on “Not a Narrow Escape; it was God!

  1. It is the mercy of God that preserves irrespective of your relationship with Him, but if you are not a true child that mercy may expire one day, God rules in the affairs of men He can do and undo. Watch out.

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