Someone once remarked sadly that the Christian army is the only army that shoots its wounded. There are many thousands of Christians who have made mistakes, fallen into sin, and damaged themselves and others. In coming to repentance, these same people have found mercy, forgiveness, and grace with God, but rejection from His people.As a result, thousands of quality people have no effective place of ministry within the Church because the Church has refused to restore them, even though God has forgiven.

To the people who feel rejected, I say, “wake up! Don’t sit at home sucking your thumb holding a private pity party. If the covenant community lacks the grace to make room for your input, give yourself as Christ did and be the servant Imageof all people. Be a faithful servant of God, and pursue a place of influence in the wider world around you, where you can compassionately bring Christ to those in need. Be strong and work for social and legislative change, human justice, and a better society, and do it knowing this that you are not serving in some inferior capacity in God’s eyes; you will one day hear Him say, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant’ ” (Mathew 25:23).

Inspired by Bryn Jones


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