A Worshiper and A Warrior

The entire Church age Age has been one of spiritual warfare, and that warfare is increasing as we approach the end of this age. Jesus said, “The harvest is the end of the age” (Matt. 13:39b). The harvest is the reaping of what has been sown because it has become mature. At the end of this age there will be a full maturity and reaping of all that has been sown in man, both the good and the evil. Therefore the Scriptures verify that the greatest conflict of all will be at the end.

It is for this reason that the bride who comes out of the wilderness in the Song of Solomon is like an army with banners” (Son of Sol. 6:4). When the Church emerges from the wilderness in this age, she will be the glorious, beautiful Bride that Solomon describes here, s=and she also will be a mighty army. We are called to be not only passionate worshipers of God, but also warriors. King David is one of the great examples of this duality. He was both great warrior and a great worshiper. In they are also the basic nature of God.

Inspired by Rick Joyner


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