THE ENCARTA Dictionary defines integrity from three different perspectives;

  1. Possession of Firm Principles. The quality of possessing and steadfastly adhering to high moral principles or professional standards.
  2. completeness: the state of being complete or undivided
  3. wholeness: the state of being sound or undamaged

All these perspectives drive toward the same fact that integrity has to do with a ‘high moral standard’. In other words, those that have integrity are those that do things in their proper ways. They vote lawfully, they pay for the services offered to them as expected, they have nothing to do with manipulating their ways to achievement. They are not forgeries neither would their names come to mind when fraudsters are mentioned. Their lifestyle in the night is the same in the day time. They are like Jesus;Christians indeed.

And I will love to add by saying that integrity is what makes you like Jesus. Our Lord, in human flesh was a man of integrity. He planned to go for the wedding at Canaan, he eventually went. He told Lazarus’ sisters that he was coming to their house on the death of Lazarus, he went. In most cases, a lair is never going to be a person of integrity. Because he says A while he intends to do B. It may seem that nobody would hold you responsible for your lack of integrity but you would do yourself more harms than good. Know why? Nobody will be willing to trust you again, except those that want to use you. Using you here means, the only reason why they want to ‘take you for your words’ is because of what they want to benefit from you. It is this bad; and very sad too.

While I was running my second university degree, I had enough time to pick up a per time job in a college. I was teaching the Senior Secondary School students English language, preparing them for their school leaving cert. exams. When the exam started, I had thought the Senior school students’ teacher would automatically qualify to invigilate the exams, but it was different! Those that had the tendency to abide by the exam rules were dropped from the invigilation list. But I didn’t feel bad because I understood the system. But the unfortunate thing is that the school is actually a Christian school owed by a ‘committed holiness-preaching believer’.

Integrity is not something that can be kept secret, it shows all over you and in everything you do. If allegations are raised, with integrity, people around would be able to defend you. They know what you can do and what you cannot.

Incase you are not well informed about what the concept of integrity is, check the points below;

  1. Never meeting up with a given time?
  2. Too ‘big’ or ‘high’ to take someone else as being important?
  3. As a boss, always manipulating schedules because nobody can question you?
  4. Attaching yourself with those that lack integrity?
  5. Not saying a straight yes or no when necessary?
  6. Not doing the lying but employing those that can lie?

If you are guilty of any of the above mentioned questions, the simple truth is that you lack integrity and it is strong enough to make you lose everything, including eternity. The entire Christian faith is subsumed in the subject of integrity, and it takes  integrity to be a Christian.

If as a Christian your integrity cannot be vouched for by others then you have homework to do on yourself. It is a serious subject as far as your relationship with God is concerned. Even as I am writing this right now, I pray for God to help me be a better Christian.

I hope God has touched you with this article?




  1. I completly agree with you submision. Because intergrity is all about your thoughts, words and actions being the same.

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