This is the Laodicean Age (Rev.3:14-22)

The spirit of compromise has just about conquered the people of God, and especially the leadership in the Church today. The sad part of it all is that they are almost totally blind to their condition. Our Lord has “eye-salve” to anoint our eyes that we might see. But to be blind and all the while insist that we see–this leaves us totally helpless and immune to any offer of salvation. Image

Every one is prepared to admit that the Laodicean Church is the character of the endtime Church; but Laodicea is always that other church across the street, not the one we go to. Ours is that “glorious Church” that Paul spoke about!And so the “gospel” of the Kingdom continues to be heralded by a Laodicean Church…

A Church that is based almost entirely on accumulating earth’s resources, and getting more and more involved in earth’s economics, in earth’s politics, in in earth’s governments–

A Church that is “rich and increased with goods–

A Church that promises the people of God health, prosperity, happiness, and joy… if they will but release their resources to the glory of God–

A Church that has perverted “discipleship” to mean devotion to their system, rather than a forsaking of all in order to follow Him–

A Church that considers large financial resources to be God’s provision to reach the
lost, rather then recognizing this as the noose that has choked her and deprived her of the breath of life–

A Church that has almost totally embraced the world and its systems, thinking that in embracing the world she could win the world–

A Church that is captivated by the spirit of Jezebel, which is a spirit of sorcery, seducing God’s servants to “commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols” (Rev. 2:20).

The prophets of Jezebel and of Baal may declare some very outstanding truths, as
Balak did. But his heart was perverse; he was doing it for the money that was in it, and God’s wrath fell upon him.

In the time of Ezekiel God complained that the prophets were not preparing the people for the day of battle, nor making up the hedge of defence so the people would be able to stand in the day of the LORD. Rather they were seducing the people by “saying, Peace; and there was no peace” (See Ezek. 13:1-16). There are many prophecies coming forth in our churches.

But how long is it since we have heard prophecies that would cause a
man to fall on his face as “the secrets of the heart are made manifest”, and cry out: “God is in you of a truth” (1 Cor. 14:25)?

We read of men like Wesley and Fox and many others who preached in such anointing and power that men would tremble, and fall on their faces in writhing pain, because of the awesomeness of God’s holy presence.

Early Pentecost was known for the fiery, consuming presence of God. Men’s hearts would be smitten as they agonized under the conviction and reproof of the Holy Spirit.

Now they want to build monuments to the memory of those great days of visitation. Sepulchers are harmless things! We are respectable now! We do not want goings-on like that in our churches.

Why do we not seek out “the old paths” upon which the prophets of God’s glory walked in past generations? I am afraid it is because we do not really want those cleansing streams of holy fire that might destroy our comfortable, Laodicean way of life.

BY: Kunle Akintola (an excerpt from his facebook page)


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