You must accept the truth that if your present lifestyle goes with any of the points below, you have fallen from the mount of grace. All you need to do is to confide in a person that has a higher spiritual authority than you and ‘cry out’ for help. As a matter of urgency, you need help or you might never catch up again. Grace is available, but it can also be abused. If you do nothing, you are simply taking a trip to the ‘The Greatest Fall’

  1. When you no longer mind what you once preached against.
  2. When people see what you ‘say’ or ‘do’ and get strengthened to sin.
  3. When the people around you are mostly people of little or no integrity.
  4. When your sin becomes the sin of your followers/other believers.
  5. When you cover up your ‘little falls’ in secret places.
  6. When you use the advantage of the gospel to exploit people.
  7. When you use your ‘spiritual position’ as a tool of enslavement.
  8. When the only people that can beat their chest for your salvation/integrity are those that lack salvation and integrity.
  9. When a sinner passes through you without seeing the reason to be saved.
  10. When you take decision over the Lord’s fold without consulting the Most High.

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