When you are led by heaven; you escape troubles


Pastor Tunde Bakare, the founder of the Latter Rain Assembly and the convener of the Save Nigeria Group (SNG) has shed some light on his experience at the State Security Service (SSS) office where he was invited last week for questioning.

He released a statement on the Save Nigeria Group official Facebook fanpage where he lectured on the spiritual lessons learnt from his visit to the SSS.

He was invited to explained a message he preached a week ago titled: ‘How to change government peacefully and make society better’; a message which apparently, did not sit well with the authorities.

He explained that he had an intention to travel out of the country after delivering the message but he changed his plans saying, “I was restrained by the Holy Spirit to stay behind because men of the State Security Service (SSS) would come for me, and if they were to find out I left the night before, they would assume we (he) have a pattern of preaching and leaving the country almost immediately.”

He explained that the government is in a panic because they know that Nigerians have started gaining back their voices after the fuel subsidy protests in January and the government is set on stifling that voice.

He denied the reports in some quarters insinuating that denied his earlier message saying he still stands by the message’s content.

The pastor went on to reveal that the SSS director had severally urged him to tone down his message and even labelled him as partisan.

He, however, exonerated himself from any wrongdoing, declaring that he is only guilty of “preaching in favour of righteousness, justice, and truth.”

He warned the country’s security agents to be “careful not to obey the last order, especially if the last order is evil or against natural justice; you cannot obey such without bringing damnation upon your own head.”

He concluded his message by explaining that his present antagonistic posture is not against President Jonathan’s person but against bad governance, misappropriation of funds, and embezzlement of public funds.

source: gistpage


2 thoughts on “When you are led by heaven; you escape troubles

  1. I think Pastor Tunde Bakare is making a point but in a wrong direction, the Bible say let pray for your leaders and let God change them by we going down on our knees and pray for our country.

  2. Inspite of the threats of the pharisees and the saducees the Apostles refused to be silence until we believers begin to speak for what we believed is right not against the leadership our nation as a whole we suffer Acts4

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