The price of inaction is VERY high if you don’t tackle an issue early.

A Wrong Stopper

The Mountain of Fire and Miracles Church, where Dr. Olukoya serves as the General  Overseer, has been known for her ‘no jewelry, no trousers, no make-ups, no hair attachment, etc doctrine’. This should give you the clear picture of who they are, right? But the MFM message seems to be the type that ‘everyone’ needs, most especially the Africans. The church focuses on deliverance from spiritual bondages, hence the reason why there should be no ‘artificial attachment to your dressing’, Dr. Olukoya says. And more so, he has openly said it, severally, that God does not permit him to allow such in the church, MFM.

So many Christians who then knew all these about MFM had wondered how it seems to be of no use standing by the initial tenets of the church. Because, the rate at which people that add the ‘extras’ to their dressing were flooding the church, and nobody seemed to care, has seriously been a great concern for many believers who know the value of a deliverance ministry in this end-times. The wrong stoppers who are members of MFM have been so scared and wondering how such a peculiar ministry was beginning to lose focus and discipline. But we are happy to let the world and co-wrong stoppers know that, this has been openly STOPPED.

Just last Wednesday, Dr. Olukoya, in a revival service of his church, talked for almost 20minutes declaring and reminding the members, at large, about the spiritual map God gave him for MFM on dressing. He admitted he was aware on how the church members were gradually deviating from that life-style and how new members with ‘the opposite’ dressing were becoming very comfortable to come in and sit. Now he declares ‘no more!’. ‘If you cannot dress, without those ‘attachments’ go get a church where they are allowed! Period’. He no longer minds who leaves the church, the most important thing is to do what God instructed him from the beginning about the church. Henceforth, the following are no longer allowed;

  • Wearing of trousers by ladies and
  • Leaving your hair uncovered, as a lady.

Though as a non-worker in the church, nobody will send you out for your jewelry, but the truth is that ‘if you are a true member of MFM, you won’t use them’. This simply means that the church does not admit your membership status if you don’t dress like them. I think this is not bad, once the pastor is set to obey his God, the reason why the church exists. A bold step at ‘STOPPING A WRONG’!

If all Christians begin by taking their stands in righteousness, the Body of Christ, our denominations and the Christian faith will get purged, awaiting the Christ, our King. If there are wrongs you need to stop, do it fast, ‘Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.’ Ecc 8:11.   Be warned.



  1. Remember ye the law of Moses my servant, which I commanded unto him in Horeb for all Israel,with the statutes and judgments (MAL4:4)

  2. Pastor Dr. Olukoya i really appreciate the God doings in your life. It rare seeing a pastor who will stand firm on saying the truth but yours is different. God also have reason for saying that christian or muslim woman should not be allowed to where trouses and cover there hair. This is because all women part are active and this dangerous to the opposite sex. May God bless you sir. You can live the church if you are not comfortable with the dressing code, there are alot of churches outthere.

      • Pls i’l like u to see Jer 17 vs 9 and Proverbs 4 vs 23, before u can put on whateva u put on, u first of all think about it, we dont act witout usin the brain and heart, so if one wears trousers as a lady, she initiali thut of it b4 puttin it on, God Bless

      • Yes, God looks at the heart, but since man cannot see the heart, we can only conclude that what you put on exposes what is in your heart. For instance, a woman who exposes her sensitive parts is saying ‘Am cheap and shameless’ until proved otherwise when we can see into her heart and hear something else. A person who goes into a Church dressed in a way that she knows is against the teachings of the Church, is saying ‘Am rebellious!’. See what God says about rebellion in 1Sam.15:22… I am so glad my GO has addressed these issues. God bless him!

      • Know ur bible Sir!! 1 Thessalonians 5:23
        New King James Version (NKJV)
        Blessing and Admonition
        23 Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you completely; and may your whole spirit, soul, and body be preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. God created all of them, so He want them to be holy!!!!

  3. The simple truth of the matter is that MfM has conditions before you can be a real member of the church.(1)you must go for deliverance of 3days no water no food to purge bad things in the person’s body and this must happen with no waveon,proper dressing, all night prayer point and after this you will belong to a group in the church and house fellowship is a Must so therefore is not everybody that attend Mfm program are their member,Church goer are there which are not the member.

  4. That is good msg.i believ if one is goin to a particular church she/he must follow and obey d doctrine.

  5. This is bold, daring, inspirational and encouraging message to all faithfuls, that is, those ready to obey Gods instructions. All those items mentioned by the man of God are all abominations before God. Ex 33.5, 6 “The Lord said … therefore now put off thy ornaments from thee… and the children of Israel stripped themselves of their ornaments by mount Horeb”. There is a correlation between your heart and what you do, wear and say, therefore what you put on your body goes a long way to tell of who you are. How would Jezebel claimed to be a child of God in the heart only, if not by everything that surrounded her life.


  7. I believe in what my GO is saying. No one who is a girl is suppose to put all attachment (all those things are gotten frm the blood of the devil,frm satanic world.all those things are nt good .then girl begin to complain.head ache when there put heavy things on their head. Pls 4 ur own Good dt put it on . Be d way God created u be natural.even if u re a righteous girl nd u were trousers,weavon,red lip stick lyk jezebel.wen u die u won’t be allow to enter heaven,because dat was nt how God made.most girls use 2 seduce boys .those people will go to hell.

  8. G.O is saying the Biblical truth. Know the truth and abide by it, you shall be set free. Women wearing trousers, or indecent dressing and jeweries are all worldliness. James4:4, 1John 2:15&16. God bless you.

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