Thus saith the Lord

Hear me out

I recently came across a religious News Magazine that dished her audience with the story of a man who was shown the ‘Judgment List’ of the Almighty God. His revelation is not my concern per se, but the reminder that I need to give to as many that come across this article. According to the dreamer, a bountiful list containing the names of most of the top Nigerian Pastors was shown to him by God and he said God is not happy with them for not reminding the church that Jesus has not forgotten to come back for the saints. Really, I think it goes beyond the sermon topics, i guess something is either missing somewhere or something is very wrong somewhere. Dear Pastors,  if only you can take a moment to ask the Holy Spirit to let you know the very SPIRITUAL need of the members. Church goers seem to have forgotten that things will not forever remain the way they are presently, the weaker ones even follow the instructions of their pastors as if they are Gods. This therefore implies that many lives are attached to our pastors to lead to HELL or HEAVEN.




2 thoughts on “DEAR PASTORS, PREACHERS….

  1. PASTOR W.F. KUMIYI OF DEEPER CHRISTIAN LIFE MINISTRY emphasizes more on purity within purity without.
    PASTOR L.MUOKA OF THE LORDS CHOSEN REVIVAL MINISTRY emphasizes more on righteousness.
    But other ministers in Nigeria emphasizes more on PROSPERITY DELIVERANCE AND HEALING “

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