The Real You and What People Say

I read that Margaret Thatcher’s Death was Celebrated With Street Parties In Brixton And Glasgow. Really this is not necessary; I am not in support of this but wana pick up a lesson for us.


Everyone needs to learn a lesson from this; it just crossed my mind. When one, two, or three people from different places say you are bad/proud,/heartless, or whatever, believe ye me, you are truly bad/proud,/heartless…. Know why? They could see some traces of those features in your character…remember these were people that passed their comments in different situations and probably different places. Check yourself! If i were you, i will quickly rush into my ‘inner room’ and replay those side-talks which are too regular to be ignored may be they are true. If you later find out that they are not true….then you have nothing to lose; you will probably become a better person. But if you ignore those frequent remarks which are negative….hmmm… won’t help you.

Though some comments are passed out of envy, but they fade away with time. But if the ones that were being said 2 years ago are still being re-echoed by another set of people entirely not…thennnnnn……you might not be pure.
Just Change, okay?
mary boye


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