I have seen so many videos of those that testify about the coming of Jesus and their experience at the sight of heaven and hell. And if you would believe me it has been on the increase side lately. But do you know what? I also saw THE RAPTURE on Tuesday night. And the Lord sent me to you all.

I do not want you to believe me beloved, but you must get prepared….Jesus is coming sooner than you think. Don’t get carried away by the church activities rather consciously prepare for Jesus. Whatever method you choose to use, make sure you don’t miss HEAVEN!

Please don’t wait to experience the unbearable suffering of Hell…Heaven is made for you, if you choose the path of RIGHTEOUSNESS!

I hope to tell you more soonest!

mary boye



The Lord said, “OK, Rodolfo, I am not going to do anything if you don’t permit me. I am going to take you to heaven now”.


We left at a very high speed and we arrived to this place. Two angels stopped me before two beautiful doors. They were very elegant. These two angels told me: “Rodolfo, with those sinful clothes, you cannot enter into the kingdom of God.” So they gave me new garments on which was written: Holiness



Pastors, evangelists, preachers and missionaries; please excuse me and listen. God has not called you to preach abundance of prosperity or prophecy about that. God has called you to preach holiness and sanctification, because without holiness, nobody will see the lord. Get the word out, get the word of holiness out there and preach it !!!

The angels then let me in and Jesus was waiting for me and told me: Rodolfo my son, welcome to the Kingdom of your God. When we started to walk, I saw that the streets were of pure gold and I saw a river like crystal, it is real water! I also saw diamonds as ornaments in the streets, a thing over which people kill each other on earth! The Lord then took my hand and told me: “now I am going to show you the temple. and it was so beautiful. I saw goblets of gold, instruments of gold and I heard a beautiful song and they were children who were singing. The Lord told me that those children were the ones that people rejected on earth but they have life in the kingdom of heaven. Glory to God, hallelujah!


We continued walking through heaven and I saw a beautiful, humongous white dress decorated in gold and a crown at the top and the Lord told me that it was His church. That it has to be holy and sanctified. The crown is the crown of life that the lord is going to give to the church. When we went out of there, I saw a great line of people. I could see many people dressed in white. I saw two big angels, very elegant countenance and by looking into their eyes, I saw peace, love tenure. One angel said “welcome to the kingdom of your God.” The other angel applauded. I saw people were so happy to be there and now I understand what apostle Paul said that the passing afflictions on earth are nothing compared to the glories awaiting for us in heaven.

The Lord then took me to a place where I saw a long table without end. The table was in gold. The table cloth covering was of gold, goblets of gold, knives and forks in gold, chairs of gold etc… Then I saw big and small crowns and the Lord told me that those big crowns are for His servants, when they come to the wedding of the Lamb. He said because the wedding of the Lamb is about to start. I am coming soon for my church. Tell them that I am going to pick up my church.”
I asked the Lord“these small crowns, who are they for?”
Those small crowns are for the people inside the church who live in holiness but they do nothing for the Kingdom. But I tell you, don’t settle for a small crown but work hard for a big one. Work hard for God so that He would give you the reward of life.” The surprising thing was that every chair has a name behind them and nobody else is going to sit in that chair except for that person.


Now Rodolfo, I am going to show you the real condition of the church right now”. I saw a little fish praising and worshiping Jesus because the Bible says: Let all that has breath, praise the Lord!

So the Lord showed me the earth where I had to return to preach what I saw.  But I had the impression that I had no remembrance of the earth and the Lord gave me the understanding that one who enters into heaven forgets everything that happened to them on earth!. Not so however in hell; everyone who enters there has memories of everything they did on earth, their families, that that they don’t want them to go to hell! That is another torment added to their sufferings. But the one who enters heaven has their mentality changed to a heavenly mind.

Praise the Lord! For that reason, not Peter nor Mary nor Stephen, nor Elisha or John have a memory of what they did on earth; after their earthly lives, they simply don’t know what is happening here. Peter cannot even imagine that the catholic religion adore him or any other saint for that matter. And Jesus said, “there is no other name under heaven by which we can be saved.” That is Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God. And Mary said in the Canaan wedding “Do whatever He tells you”. And … worshippers of satan are in the Vatican; they hide all the sinful ways of priests sleeping with nuns; and priests being accused of child molestation and also here in the Dominican Republic….  And the Catholics continue to believe in those lies.


Now the Lord started crying when He started to show me the condition of the church. Suddenly I saw a pastor on earth carrying a big suitcase and it was full of money. The Lord told me, These are preachers and evangelists that are getting rich with the offerings because they are preaching lies to my people and letting my people get lost.” I tell you preachers and evangelists, preach Jesus even if you don’t receive tithes and offerings. Sanctify the church!

Suddenly I saw that the money in the suitcase disappeared. I asked the Lord and He told me that “In the same manner his money disappeared, so will he disappear together with the antichrist. But still I have a remnant of my people who are not contaminated.”

I see today how many preachers, pastors, evangelists … are rich and millionaires. However, the members of their church are falling into pieces in poverty, needing food to eat and the pastor is in opulence, not helping them! So many evangelists, multi-millionaires even billionaires in super luxury cars. Where is the Good Samaritan? And I saw many pastors ministering at the altar but I then saw this one pastor finishing ministering that day and leaving his home where his wife was and he left her to meet his lover with whom he lives too!… and she was also a member of his church!

I also saw an evangelist leaving his church and a few blocks away, he went down and saw a prostitute. The same evangelist who was ministering at the altar! Oh, Lord! Please have mercy on us!


After that the Lord showed me a group of youths of a church that when they leave the church, they went to a dark place because they think that the Lord is not seeing them and they got into that place and they start masturbating and fornicating against their own bodies. And after that, they would go and minister at the altar! Presidents of youths, leaders of the church! (If you need help overcoming this sin, watch this video)


Now the Lord showed me a disco and a church and the Lord told me: observe well and I looked and saw that the church just looked like the disco! There was no difference! They had the same sound systems, same music, same equipment that is entering from the world into the church! The world should convert to Christianity but not the other way around. We are bringing the world into the church! Also I have to tell you this: We cannot praise and worship God with Reggaeton, with Bachaton or Rock. Even today there are Christians songs that are being sung to God and then to the world, using the very same words! They don’t mention God but only mention the word ‘love’.

I also saw Rap music and Perreo in the church and that is unacceptable. The Bible says that we must worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness (for true worship see Col 3,16 & John 4, 23-24) ….. Rock is satanic and it was invented in hell. Pastors and evangelists, please get that Cursed music out of the churches!!!

The Lord then showed me the musicians that are so perverted. They are singing in the church on one hand, then they make contracts to sing even in restaurants as private musicians; they go to church to praise the Lord! Let me tell you: that music the Lord doesn’t accepts and please excuse me I must tell you the truth. What is from God is holy and separated for God and God alone. And what those musicians do today, they go, sing at the church, then they disappear from the service, because they look like they are playing to God as a contract, so they think they don’t need to be there for the rest of the service, they leave early. At that moment, the Lord told me unfortunately, that type of church will not enter into the kingdom of heaven.

This article is an excerpt from the blog on Rodolfo‘s revelation of Heaven and Hell.